Our products are manually tanned in European sizes. The bull, compared to the traditional bovine, has a leather that is far more compact, similarly to the calf. This characteristic defines the versatility of the product, which can be used for leather industry, clothing or footwear. Frequently our clients develop a total look using only one article.


Bovine leather, obtained from plants and free from metal, is tanned with crome,. As we have a high range of rough products we can assure different articles including: clothing, leather and footwear, from a softer to a more complex labour.


Offering different quality types of suede with a caprine basis, from the traditional one to the crossed goat, we guarantee a large range of products.


Our collection has developed  the working process but also  the leather finishings, thanks to the 30 year working experience of our technical team. The finishing is widely studied and then created with our clients. In this way we assure unique pieces or we make articles which are then suitable for vintage treatments. Also the leather that we use are wearable in clothing, leather and footwear.